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Are you sick of having low confidence that is stopping you from being happy?


Do you feel frustrated with not knowing what to do to build your confidence and for waiting years to feel like you are confident?


This bulletproof confidence audio is designed to help you build confidence quickly so you are confident in any situation and authentically you. It is perfect if you want to start being more confident in situations whilst being yourself and primes your brain to take action in your life to get what you want in any area. 


Hypnosis makes the changes to your mindset quicker by getting your subconscious mind on the same page as what you want to achieve, confidence! Our minds love to hold us back as it feels it is protecting, but you can change that today to help it see that you are amazing exactly as you are, no matter what you have been through, and can start being confident now.



How does it work?


Created with you in mind by being 20 minutes a day which is perfect for people with a busy life. 


Listen every day for at least 21 days. Everyone experiences change at a different rate, but it can be more impactful to look back and see where you have started to see the difference.



Is it for me?

This audio is great for people who have been through life experiences that have lowered their self-esteem and confidence. For me and many of my past clients who have experienced bullying and abusive relationships, hypnosis has been a powerful way to see results. I am not on a mission to make everyone feel confident and stop the abuse cycle. Re-building a strong sense of identity to help stop any cycle of abuse by creating confidence in you so you are less likely to attract people with abusive natures into your life. 10% of the purchase price also gets donated to LMK, a charity that provides education on healthy relationships and builds confidence in children and young adults.



How will I receive my audio?


Delivery is sent via the email address provided within a day of purchasing so you can start your healing and growing journey as soon as possible and start living knowing how amazing you are. 


You will also receive lots of helpful tips to get the most out of your audio.


It is currently not available in the United States and Canada, but keep your eyes peeled as it will be soon! 



What techniques do I use:

This hypnosis audio uses some of the techniques of RTT, created by Marisa Peer. It is also backed by science! Research is laced throughout all my audios to provide you bulletproof confidence using techniques and exercises backed by science. 


Note of caution:

Please note that this audio is not suitable to be listened to whilst driving or for people with psychosis, schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorder.

Bullet Proof Self-Confidence Hypnosis Audio

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